2019 Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference
2019 Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference


Thank you for your interest in the upcoming 2019 Joint Sexual Health and HIV&AIDS Conference.

The program overview will be available shortly.


Key presentations and sessions to be included in this year’s joint program include:

  • Women non HIV (Reproductive Health)
  • STI bacteria resistance and resistance testing in practice
  • Sexual function/ Pain / Pleasure
  • Sexuality, Education and Youth
  • Secondary Schools Survey
  • Rural and Remote / Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
  • Molecular Epidemiology
  • Cancer in Sexual Health
  • National strategies
  • PrEP
  • Syphilis epidemic
  • Adolescent Transgender Health
  • Peer led responses and Outreach work
  • Treatments
  • Living Long-term with HIV
  • Women and HIV
  • Co-infection
  • Mobility / Migration
  • CALD and other marginalised communities